9inch DEX Intro

What is 9inch?

9inch is designed (destined) to be the #1 DEX & Yield-farming platform for meme-coins, It's the mainstream DEX for PulseChain and Ethereum!

Built by old-school Pulsicans and Hexicans who have been in the community for several years, we've been working on this in collaboration with the wider PulseChain community, as an answer to a need in the market for a truly fun, engaging, and open platform for the masses! It's a highly-optimized DEX with powerful staking and yield-farming features, similar to PulseX, Sushi, and Pancakeswap.

Our mission is to provide a full-suite DEX available on Ethereum and PulseChain, where memcoins and PulseChain-related tokens are in the highlight.

As a liquidity provider on 9inch instead of Uniswap, you benefit by earning both trading fees and additional tokens (BBC) As a token founder who launches or lists your project on 9inch, you and your community benefit from liquidity incentivization.

As a 9INCH token holder, you benefit from being able to participate in the highest-yielding pools (with your 9INCH tokens), as well as being able to cast votes as to which tokens will get to have pools that offer Incentive Tokens as reward to liquidity providers.

A full-suite of features

9inch is modelled from the same codebase as Pancakeswap/PulseX/Uniswap but optimized towards the Pulsican ecosystem.

This means you'll enjoy the same staking, farming, launchpad, and trading experience in a secure and transparent way.

With 9inch you can:

  • Trade between different tokens on Ethereum & PulseChain

  • Create liquidity between token pairs to receive liquidity provider (LP) tokens, which earn trading fees (liquidity mining) and be staked in Yield Farms to earn BBC tokens

  • Stake 9inch or BBC to earn BBC tokens + partner project tokens

  • List your token, and incentivize liquidity for it by offering LPs yield (BBC tokens) + your own tokens

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