BBC token

Meet the memecoin set to conquer the world: $BBC

It is the incentive token for the 9inch DEX and can be earned by providing liquidity or staking coins on the platform!

$BBC (Big Bonus Coin) exists on both PulseChain and Ethereum versions of

$BBC will be highly utilized on the DEX. Pairs with this token will enjoy the juiciest APYs, and owners of the token may find additional benefits as the platform evolves.

$BBC is also consistently bought by the DEX contract and burned in order to boost its price. The more volume on the DEX, the more goes into the buy-and-burn function and the more the token price is defended.

$BBC token logo was decided by a community competition with a grand prize of $10000. We are proud to announce a fellow Pulsican @tradebrah's logo design was chosen from the hundreds of designs posted to the competition! Great job and congratulations Tradebrah!

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